Audience Data Monetization

The power to privately create new revenue streams from your data is now within reach. The ShiftForward Private DMP gives you the best toolkit to segment your first-party data under your roof before securely monetizing it with advertisers, SSPs, DSPs or Data Exchanges.
Online or Offline


Be it from CRM, desktop, mobile or whatever other source you’d like, online or offline, the ShiftForward Private DMP lets you bunch up as much data as you want, under your own premises.

The Most Complete User Profile

Enrich & Segment

Data onboarding
Intersect the common denominators to safely connect the dots between online users and offline records, thus creating the most complete user profile.

Gather your profiles and turn them into audiences according to your needs thanks to the ShiftForward Private DMP’s flexible segmentation feature.

Enriched Segments


Use the ShiftForward Private DMP to make the most out of the enriched segments you have created before monetizing them directly with advertisers, SSPs, DSPs or your preferred partners.

Your data, your audiences, your decisions, under your roof.


Use Case


Your company is sitting on a pile of granular location and CRM data. On the other hand, there’s another company that would very much like to know their potential customers’ demographics and whereabouts but it has no way to gather that kind of information on its own. This is a major opportunity for your company to create a new revenue stream, granted you do it in the right, secure way.


To provide geo and demographic information for another company to use in their digital marketing execution, you first need to onboard and push your anonymized segment information to the audience buyer's platform of choice. In the meantime, and since keeping customer trust up is core, you must bear in mind that giving away control over data is not an option.


The Private DMP is the perfect fit for this situation. For starters, it allows you to tackle the onboarding problem, aggregating data from every CRM system and filling the information voids there might be. Furthermore, since customer segments were created through the Private DMP, it is now easier to integrate your and the other company’s information while making sure that no identifiable customer information ever leaves your premises.

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