Your data is safe with you.

We take data safety very seriously and we know you do too. That’s why we want to guide you through every precautionary measure we take to make sure your data is safely with you.

The two key assets that definitely make the difference and ensure your data is iron-clad, even in your IT team’s eyes:


To tackle data-misuse, we decided to get to the crux of the matter: our clients deploy the Private DMP under their own domain and in their own infrastructure.


Each of our clients gets its own instance of the Private DMP, meaning data from different sources could never get mixed together.

EU Data Privacy


We make sure to strictly follow EU laws and requirements regarding data safety.


We assist in speed-tracking your own EU and DE ePrivacySeal, independently ensuring you comply with German and European data protection law.


Only IPs authorized by you and holding the needed authentication tokens can access your environment.


Audit Trail

Every access is logged for your monitoring and auditing purposes.

Effectively reduce the chances of data leakage.


By putting the whole package in your hands, we aren’t just giving you the tools to keep the data in-house, we are also making sure that your data never leaves your premises unless and in the exact fashion you want it to.

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