Key features


  • Complete access control over your event and user data at all times.
  • Easily connect, enhance and customize your AdStax with its Real-Time data APIs and Custom App deployment.


  • Runs on your own domain.
  • Deployed on your own private cloud infrastructure (optional).
  • Safely brings together all your existing user data without risking data leakage.

Built for Machine-Learning

  • Standard user predictions, such as Customer Lifetime Value and Product Recommendations, ready to use out of the box.
  • Expand and create unique differentiation by easily deploying and testing your own machine learning algorithms.

Event Collection

  • Unified User Id management (cookies, device ids, e-mail hash, etc).
  • On-board CRM data.
  • Event Collection Libraries.
  • Event Collection Raw API.
  • Standard event augmenters (e.g. Geo, Weather).


  • Track on first-party domain.
  • YourOnlineChoices compatible cookie opt-out mechanism.
  • Custom event augmenters.
  • Customise IP anonymization strategy.
  • Custom cookie names.
  • Unlimited Clients and Sites.

Complete control

  • Run on private infrastructure.
  • Direct access to running AdStax modules and data.
  • Build and deploy custom modules.
  • Add further AdStax Enterprise modules (e.g. Audience monetisation).

Predict and Enrich

  • Product recommendations.
  • Predicted Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Additional standard predictions.
  • Build custom prediction algorithms.

Segment and Report

  • Build custom segments.
  • Predictive Insights.
  • Custom reporting querying.


  • Sync segments across channels using standard integrations.
  • Create custom segment synchronizations.