These are the traits that make the ShiftForward Private DMP the perfect solution for your business.

Complete Control

Because safety is the backbone of the ShiftForward Private DMP, we have established self-sufficiency as one of our main assets. When sensible data is at stake, you should not have to depend on others.

Therefore, the ShiftForward Private DMP runs completely on your side: it is deployed in your own infrastructure, it runs on your own domain, and it is single-tenant.


With the ShiftForward Private DMP, your data never gets mixed with others’.



Many businesses have trouble crossing information due to the huge amount of devices and sources available nowadays. Worry not, the Private DMP is accepting of all: it comes with a number of ready-to-use tags and identifiers for Mobile and Desktop, E- mail, Display and Search ads, Web, E-commerce or Social.


It’s all your sources living holistically under the same roof: yours.



We are aware there are very specific traits to every business and want you to be able to make the most out of our solution.

With its micro-services architecture, well-documented APIs and single-tenant deployment, the Private DMP is probably the most customizable DMP in the market today.


Since no two businesses are the same, you can shape the ShiftForward Private DMP as you’d like to fit your specific needs.



It’s a fast-paced world we’re living in and to be able to quickly react is core to any business. The Private DMP puts you there in a wink: no matter what amount of data you input, it can quickly digest it and make it available for use within seconds, not minutes or hours. The more data you input, the more refined your final audiences get, so that should never be a problem.


Add to this its easy-to-use interface and you are all set, be it for marketing or data providing purposes.


Advanced Onboarding

The ability to collect data across different channels is an absolute necessity for any business nowadays.


The Private DMP lets you connect those separate channels together by deterministically matching and managing the different user identifiers from CRM, mobile, desktop, in-store cards, call centers, you name it.



We think of the Private DMP as an ever-growing product, so we built it to support multiple uses of machine learning algorithms, from real-time CLV to product recommendations.
The Private DMP even comes with a managed Spark Cluster for your data scientists to run custom jobs at scale and ready-to-use models for e-commerce and advertising contexts.


Your business isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon, so we want to be the first to help you adapt to your new needs.

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